automotive-image“There is a definite trend toward product differentiation based on what users can do while on the road, and what data connections to the outside world the vehicle offers.

After all, we spend a great deal of time sitting in our cars – and that time is mostly wasted. Most people would like to make better use of it. So more and more applications are coming on board, some of which are only indirectly related to driving.”

Thilo Koslowski, Vice President Distinguished Analyst, Gartner


Automotive Trends:

1. Networking

Data Connections to the Outside World / Connected Car: “The Car as Gadget for Gadgets“

2. Merging of Automotive and Consumer Electronics

  • Productive use of time spent in the car
  • Personalisation / customisation
  • Location-based multimedia content
  • Integration of apps

3. Automotive Apps

Native applications for use in the automotive environment with a focus on apps concerned with travel, leisure time and navigation – optimally adapted to the requirements of your customers, we naturally support a wide range of integration options.

The solution:

Falk Connected functions as a technical service infrastructure through which our content and services reach connected cars and/or your OEM back end or OEM application gateway.