Currently, the content channels of our partners and KOMPASS, as well that of MAIRDUMONT, are accessible through Falk Connected. We are continually developing our partner portfolio to provide you with even more high-quality, dynamic content from a single source. channel

The channel of our partner provides access to the details hotelinfo_166x60
of more than 250,000 hotels around the world in a range of languages.
Connecting to the channel can also include use of a hotel booking feature.

KOMPASS channel

  • Kompass_Logo_190x48Trans-national information on outdoor activities
  • Unique wealth of information on leisure activities
  • Hiking and cycling routes
  • Personally researched by writers


MD-logoMAIRDUMONT travel content on tourist destinations worldwide based on content from our brand name travel guide range. Travel information is continually researched on site by a worldwide network of authors and is available in a variety of languages, as well as occasionally augmented with multimedia content.

Becoming a content partner

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