1. MAIRDUMONT takes protecting your personal data very seriously and holds strict observance to the rules set forward in the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). The following explanation shall provide an overview of how we guarantee this protection and the purpose for which recorded data is used.

2. MAIRDUMONT automatically records log file information as provided by your browser. This includes:

  • Browser type/ -version
  • The operating system being used
  • Referrer URL (the site visited before www.falk-connected.com)
  • URL of pages viewed
  • Files accessed
  • Host name of the computer being used (IP Address)
  • Time the server was accessed

This data is only used for statistical purposes. It is saved anonymously and only shared with contracting partners of MAIRDUMONT (such as IVW).

3. Right to information: in accordance with §34 of the BDSG every user has the right to information regarding data saved which concerns their person, and the origin, recipients and purpose of this data. Users may also withdraw consent to the receipt of promotional material at any time without providing a reason.

4. Information about saved data is provided by the MAIRDUMONT Data Protection Supervisor.

Copyright and Rights of Use

All content featured on www.falk-connected.com and subpages are copyright protected. No part of the content contained herein may be reproduced, printed, translated, further processed in digital form, taken into archive or made accessible to third parties under a foreign URL without express written permission from MAIRDUMONT.

Storage in retrieval systems and search machines is only permitted to the extent that one index is formed whereby the retrieval of content for each individual file occurs through reference to a direct link to the original URL on the relevant MAIRDUMONT server. The appropriation of content through the use of a ‘frameset’ and other methods of reproduction which do not clearly display or which conceal the origin of the material from the reader or which alter the original form of the content are also not permitted.

MAIRDUMONT does not accept any responsibility for any unsolicited material (media, images, etc). Submission of material shall constitute consent for its publication on www.falk-connected.com and other MAIRDUMONT online offers.

Responsibility for Content on External Servers

MAIRDUMONT does not accept any responsibility for content presented from external servers even where these have been accessed via internal link. MAIRDUMONT expressly distances itself from any material that violates the law, or principles or ethics of journalism and publishing.