The high flexibility offered by Falk Connected in many areas allows you to adapt to the precise wishes of your customers.


Decide for yourself…




…which data is relevant for you and your customers.

This can take place on a wide variety of levels:

1. Location based

Make data available to your customers based on a particular city, region or or country in which you operate. Support them in the active organisation of daily activities with wide-ranging information on the city, region or country.

2. Topic-based

Decide for yourself which of our numerous topics (e.g. Sightseeing, Shopping, Events, Hotels, Outdoor and many more) are relevant to you and your customers. We are happy to advise and assist you in developing your own concept.


…how many POIs are relevant for you and your customers.

Falk Connected provides you with huge flexibility in deciding the the amount of POIs you wish to make available to your customers, as well as the number of descriptive elements for those POIs.



…the output format.

Decide for yourself between XML and JSON as an output format.