security-imageOne of the most important properties Falk Connected provides you and your customers with is security.

We focus on the following measures to provide constant flawless security:

Data centre certifications

Falk Connected runs in an ISO-certified data centre in European Union.

Falk Connected uses the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform for its services. All components are deployed in one of our European data centres (Amsterdam and Dublin).

Windows Azure has been certified by the BSI Group in accordance with ISO/IEC standard 27001:2005. This certification includes compute, storage, virtual network and virtual machine services components. The Windows Azure Trust Center includes detailed information on various compliance programmes.

security-2We have designed Falk Connected to support all of the security and availability features of Windows Azure:

  • The availability of Falk Connected is covered by the Microsoft Windows Azure Service Level Agreements.
  • Firewalls and network components are provided by the Windows Azure platform and maintained by Microsoft.



Encrypted connection

Falk Connected is SSL encrypted. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is one of the most widely used security protocols available. It allows data to be transmitted securely without interference over an SSL connection.